Aardvark Books Is Up For Sale

Another independent San Francisco bookstore bites the dust.

Owen, an orange tabby cat, sits at home at Aardvark Books (Addadada A./Yelp)

Try as you might to not buy books on Amazon, Aardvark Books is still on the real estate market and ready to close shop as of this Friday, Sept. 29.

Known as that bookstore at Church and Market streets with an orange tabby lounging around as people peruse books, graphic novels, old postcards, and other items — for now — the independently owned shop is listed on Redfin for $2.8 million dollars. The ad promises it will be “delivered vacant” upon closure of escrow. The listing also said it has “development potential,” which would have to be confirmed with the San Francisco Planning Department.

The store is in process of finding a new home for the cat, Owen, Hoodline reports.

Owner John Hadreas was not available for comment. 

UPDATE: Hadreas emphasizes that he might sell, but the terms would have to feel right to him. His five employees — one who has been with him for 37 years — would get a payout if the business sold, he adds.

The lot is almost 10 times what Hadreas says he bought it for in 1991. Should Aardvark close, Dog Eared Books and Borderlands would be the last bookstores in the area. Books, Inc. on Market Street closed last year.

“The issue for stores like Aardvark in S.F. is that no retail store can produce the gross income that a lot at Market and Church could produce, if apartments, e.g., were put on it,” Hadreas writes in an email.


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