Aaron Peskin Happily Becomes City's 'Arnoldbuck' Sugar Daddy

Next time you see former Board of Supervisors President Aaron Peskin, be sure to hit him up for money. He told us he never leaves the house these days without stuffing his pockets with bills to hand off to local bartenders, restaurateurs, or even random elected officials.

If you're expecting to get legal tender American coin or currency from Democratic County Central Committee head Peskin, you may be sorely disappointed. Of course, if you're hoping to get legal tender American coin or currency from our state government, you'll be even more sorely disappointed, which is why Peskin has taken to showering all he meets with “Arnoldbucks” like the one pictured above (you can download your own here).

Peskin's largess so impressed Assemblywoman Fiona Ma that she felt compelled to Twitter it: “Aaron Peskin just handed me a $1 Arnoldbuck … He said it worked the other night at an establishment.” Passing off an ArnoldBuck as the real deal, incidentally, would constitute petty forgery; Peskin laughed and told us he didn't realize “Fiona has such a good sense of humor.” What actually happened, he said, was that a local bartender was so amused by Peskin's Arnoldbuck faux-tip that he provided a round on the house.  

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