After Health Care Victory, Hipster Lobby Targets Immigration, Jobs, Lack of Beer Fridges

Where are the beer refrigerators?

Following Sunday's passage of a historic health care bill letting brakeless track-bike riders stay on their parents' health insurance until age 26, America's hipster lobby now turns to legislative battles in areas such as immigration, climate change, financial regulatory reform, job creation, closing Guantanamo prison, and America's lack of refrigerators filled with free beer.

“Something that involves beer refrigerators would be good,” explained Travis T, manager of Freewheel Bike Shop on Hayes Street, a gathering place for fashionable, track-bike-riding young people, when we called to ask him what's next on the hipster legislative agenda. Regarding strategy on other issues of national interest, the hipster lobby appears to be holding its cards close to the vest.

“Immigration? That's so far removed from my daily life that I can't even see it as a reality,” Travis said.

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