After Supervisor Christensen Downplays Eviction “Horror Stories,” Twitter Lashes Out

It's the stuff of political nightmares: your name suddenly becomes a hashtag, and potential voters take potshots at you in 140 damning characters.  

In a Chronicle story published yesterday, District 3 supervisor Julie Christensen, currently waging a tough election campaign against Aaron Peskin, was quoted as saying this about fellow supe Jane Kim:

“Jane can bring out these horror stories — most of which have not taken place, even in California — and the property owners have their own horror stories.”

Basically, Christensen was pissing on the idea that predatory landlords are evicting people en masse. In fact, sometimes tenants are the problem, she seemed to imply.

Supervisor Kim, understandably irked by this accusation of fearmongering, launched a hashtag today, #DearJulileImReal, that caught on well enough to briefly trend in San Francisco.

With a little help from Tweeters citywide, Kim’s hashtag reminded Christensen that housing horror stories do exist, and people really are getting screwed by shitty landlords. 

As the Chronicle reported in July:

Since March, the number of eviction notices filed per month with the San Francisco Rent Board is up 32 percent compared with the previous three years’ average, while owner move-in evictions are up 131 percent. During that period, the average number of evictions has climbed from 151 per month to more than 200, while the number of owner move-in evictions per month has jumped from 23.7 to 54.7.

Christensen, recently endorsed by the Chronicle and the Bay Area Reporter, is Mayor Lee's hand-picked candidate. And if you're wondering, she hasn't joined in the #DearJulieImReal tweetstorm today.

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