Airbnb Apologizes, Rolls Out New Insurance Program for Hosts

One way to announce to someone you're suing.

Recently, we reported that Airbnb, an online service that matches travelers with hosts whose homes they can rent for brief periods, had raised more than $112 million from investors — and now we know what the S.F. company is going to do with it.

The local startup is trying to remedy the public relations nightmare that started last week after a local woman detailed how her apartment was burglarized by an Airbnb

patron while she was out of town. Yesterday, Airbnb issued an unconditional apology and says it will now will now insure offer up to $50,000 for hosts whose property is damaged by Airbnb guests.

In a blog post titled “Violated: A traveler's lost faith, a difficult lesson learned,”

the woman — who refers to herself only as EJ — details what happened while a person known to her

through Airbnb as “DJ Pattrson” stayed at her San Francisco apartment

while she was away. The guest broke into a locked closet and took a camera and laptop, and made photocopies of EJ's birth certificate and Social Security card.

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