AirHelp: Silicon Valley StartUp Helps Passenger Recoup Cash for Canceled Flights (Update)

Visual from the AirHelp video tutorial.

Update, 1:10 p.m.: United Airlines responds (see bottom).

Few processes on Earth are more time-consuming and byzantine than filing a claim with an airline carrier — even for passengers with good cause.

Ask Henrik Zilmer, irritated traveler-turned-amateur-claim-expert, who had an epiphany a couple years ago, after getting jettisoned from a Singapore Airlines flight to Denmark. After spending three months navigating a tangle of links and negotiating on the phone with airline representatives, he finally snagged an $800 check.

Zilmer's travails inspired him to co-found a new start-up, AirHelp, which helps other beleaguered travelers demand remittance. For a 25 percent cut, Zilmer and his staff do all the legwork and recoup big chunks of cash for their clientele.

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