Airport Travelers are Down with SFO Vest Vending Machine

The tech bro vest vending machine at San Francisco Airport is drawing internet ridicule, but it’s become one of the most lucrative machines at SFO.

Image: Uniqlo

We’ve heard of vested options in the tech industry, but this is ridiculous. San Francisco International Airport now has a vending machine that sells the sleeveless vests popular among the venture capital crowd. While the internet has had a field day mocking the vest vending machine, Business Insider reports that it’s one of the most profitable vending machines at SFO and rings up $10,000 a month in sales. 

“This is the first time we’ve had clothing available for sale from a vending machine,” SFO public information officer Doug Yakel told Business Insider. “Which we thought was very unique.”

The ultralight down vest vending machines were actually introduced at SFO last summer (and at Oakland Airport as well.) They went relatively unnoticed until the above tweet was posted on July 21, and drew the requisite internet mockery

For the curious, the vests are made by Uniqlo, a Japanese casual clothing retailer that also has real brick-and-mortar stores in Union Square and at Stonestown Galleria. With each one coming in at a whopping $50, the SFO vending machine is presumably selling 200 of these vests per month.

And before you ask… sorry, bro, the machine doesn’t take Bitcoin.

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