Alex Tourk Quits Dennis Herrera's Campaign

Alex Tourk

Campaign consultants are a bit like roadies — they tend to work, indispensably, in the background and ought not overshadow the main act (obesity and dressing all in black are not necessary for consultants, however).

When roadies take the foreground, it tends to be because of a pyrotechnic accident. Well-known city consultant Alex Tourk has had some pyrotechnics of his own. The lobbyist is accused of using backroom dealings to secure a client's bid for a Stow Lake concession. What's more, Tourk's own lobbying records indicate he pitched a spiel to his clients, City Attorney Dennis Herrera and DA George Gascón — which you're not allowed to do.

Tourk today announced his resignation from Herrera's employ. He still works for Gascón, however — though perhaps not for long.

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