America's Cup: Everyone Lowers Their Expectations

Looks like it's go time…

Barring unforeseen circumstances — Chris Daly, a rain slicker, and a longshoreman's hook — the Board of Supervisors today will give its blessing to the pared-back America's Cup plan.

This supes probably would have approved the Cup's glitzy prior iteration, which could have cost the city up to $136 million and potentially would have had San Francisco reimbursing Larry Ellison's America's Cup Event Authority into the 22nd century. But Team Ellison backed out, and now the infrastructure costs stand at around one-seventh of that. The race organizers — who have had their trouble with scaring up sponsorships — recently sent large numbers of employees overboard.

History may be the judge, but one could argue San Francisco has dodged a bullet, despite its best efforts to be struck in the heart. Sometimes you just get lucky.

The deal before the supervisors is not without problematic details, however (you can read the Budget Analyst's latest on it here, if you're so inclined).

Here are two interesting sticking points:

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