Arizona Immigration Law Has Sucked $141 Million From State Economy, Report Says

Fewer state visitors = less money for strippers. Is Rocco the real victim of SB 1070?

Remember the Board of Supervisors' tepid boycott of Arizona to revolt against that state's strict “papers please” immigration law? Many lambasted our city's boycott as yet another symbolic, feckless meddling in affairs far afield of San Francisco's issues. 

But San Francisco was not alone in this one — actually joining the ranks of such boycotters as Shakira, the SEIU, the World Boxing Council, and the city of Los Angeles. And a new report released by the progressive think tank Center For American Progress finds the calls for boycotts from organizations and cities across the country have actually exacted a heavy toll on the Grand Canyon State's economy: $141 million in lost revenue since the law's passage in April.

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