Art Agnos: I'm Not Plotting To Take Gavin's Job

Art Agnos — yes

In his latest column, Willie Brown denied he was attempting to line up supervisors' votes to take Gavin Newsom's place should the mayor: A. Run for lieutenant governor, and; B. Win. (That being said, one supe we talked with said Brown had five votes right off the bat, and, thanks to his Rose Pak connection, perhaps six or more without too much trouble).

But while Brown said he isn't pumping any pols for the job, he said two “cats” were: A.P. and A.A. Aaron Peskin told us earlier this week he hasn't contacted any supervisors regarding the potential opening. And now Art Agnos says the same.

“I'm not the biggest fan of Gavin Newsom, as you know. But I think he's earned the respect and courtesy of people like me to make a decision in his own timely fashion and pursue his ambition without me jumping on his back to take his place prematurely,” said the former mayor. “I have not sought or asked for any votes nor do I have any votes on the Board of Supervisors. I haven't done anything.”

When asked, however, if he had any interest in taking the city's reins should Newsom surrender them, Agnos chuckled. “I didn't say that, did I?”

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