Ayesha Curry Was Right: Her Father Looks Nothing Like This Con Artist

Neither of these men look like the other.

It was a rough night all around for the Golden State Warriors and most human beings associated with the NBA's winningest team. Shoved around, swatted aside, and in every way beaten by LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 6 of the NBA Finals on Thursday, Steph Curry & Co.'s woes extended to his family in the crowd. 

By now, tribal people in the Brazilian rainforest have likely sent crying Michael Jordan memes to Ayesha Curry, who angrily tweeted that the NBA Finals are rigged. (She since deleted the tweet during what turned into an illuminating discussion of who we are and what we use Twitter for.)

She also tweeted that authorities at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland had “racially profiled” her father, who was nearly arrested/had his game credentials taken away, depending on who you listen to.
Later, NBA officials told The Undefeated's Marc J. Spears that they had confused Ayesha's father — who no news source appears able to call by name, and nor can we — with a famous con artist… who looks very little like Ayesha Curry's father. 

[jump] Here's a photo of Ayesha Curry's father from her Instagram.  As she says, her father is black and Polish.

Here are a few photos of David Aminzadeh, a man known for forging credentials to various major sporting events and sneaking photos with celebrities. He's done it so often and is so successful there's a Tumblr dedicated to his exploits. And here are a ton of photos of him at a Barack Obama inauguration. There he is with Joe Biden, Michelle Obama, Chris Tucker.

Here he is at our very own late beloved Candlestick Park, back when a winning team coached by Jim Harbaugh played there.

You be the judge, but unless you are a myopic judge with “all brown people look alike” blinders on, it's very hard to see how you could mistake the two — especially considering Ayesha's father was on a bus filled with Warriors family.

It was just that kind of night. 


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