Bevan Dufty Is Anti-American (Apparel): Store Opponents Tout Supe's Support

Bevan Dufty

The folks over at Stop American Apparel are reporting that District 8 Supervisor Bevan Dufty has offered his support to the campaign. He hasn't issued an official statement yet, but the Planning Commission should be sitting by the phone — because word on the street is Dufty plans to flex his dialing finger. Our call to him wasn't immediately returned.

In other news, the Mission Anti-displacement Coalition weighed in on the skirmish over the opening of the store at 988 Valencia on Wednesday, posting a statement on their blog that read, in part, “MAC and other long-time residents who have seen the changes on Valencia Street, Mission Street and 24th St. corridors, we cannot overlook the irony and contradictions that the “locally owned businesses on Valencia “Your Mission” campaign present. Many of the displacements have been at the hands of non-neighborhood serving boutique shops, or destination restaurants or just plain expensive shops that many Mission residents can not shop at.” Read the whole thing here.

The organization ultimately fell on the side of opposing the store, with reservations: “In the end we oppose formula retail on Valencia, but not because we want to protect the businesses that displaced the community-serving businesses in the hood.”

The Snitch spoke to the guy who spearheaded the Stop American Apparel campaign, local author Stephen Elliott, about the MAC statement. His take: “The fact that some businesses that may be considered newer or more expensive have joined in this effort doesn't mean that we're somehow against lower-income people joining us. Or that a lot of the people who come to our meetings aren't low-income. … I apologize to anyone that feels excluded. That's on me.”

Now say it with me: Whether you're for or against, you can attend the Planning Commission meeting on February 5 at 1:30pm, Room 400, City Hall.

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