Bizarre Crimes of the Week: Wine Thief, Beamer Fire, Shady Robbery - July 28, 2017 - SF Weekly
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Bizarre Crimes of the Week: Wine Thief, Beamer Fire, Shady Robbery

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San Francisco sees its fair share of crime — some serious, some less so. Here at SF Weekly, we’re paying attention to all of it — from the mundane to the bizarre. Here’s a roundup of some of the weirder situations that went down in our 49 square miles this week: 

Sommelier Bike Thief
Sometime between Monday night and Tuesday morning, a thief broke into a garage on Lyon Street in Pacific Heights and stole a bicycle and some wine. The victim, a 40-year-old man, discovered the theft when he awoke in the morning, and called the police. 

Bike Switcheroo
Another man had his garage broken into and his bike stolen on Monday night, but he received a small token for his trouble: another bicycle. The 59-year-old Twin Peaks resident awoke Tuesday morning to find his bike gone, and an “old one” that did not belong to him left in its place. 

Shady Robbery
A 50-year-old woman had her glasses stolen off her face as she stood on the sidewalk near Fifth and Mission streets on Tuesday afternoon. The suspect, a man in his 60s, approached her and assaulted her before stealing her eyewear and fleeing the scene. 

Bartender Assault
A bartender in Ingleside was the victim of an attack last Friday night. The name of the bar wasn’t specified in the police report, but it’s on a busy block of Mission Street, between 30th and Kingston streets. A customer who was unhappy with his drink threw a beer bottle at the victim’s head, causing “a laceration requiring medical care.” The customer took off on foot after the incident. 

Beamer Fire
Vehicle arson is sadly not unusual in San Francisco, but one car owner was dealt a particularly harsh blow last Saturday when two people lit his BMW 7 Series car on fire. The car, which starts at $82,000, was extinguished by SFPD prior to the police’s arrival. According to a witness, a man and a woman holding accelerants were in the area of the fire (near the Audi, Mazda and Volvo dealerships on South Van Ness) right before it started. The suspects took off in a sedan before authorities arrived.

Random Shooting
Two men in their twenties who were walking down the 100 block of Blythedale on Saturday evening were shot by an unknown suspect from behind. Both suffered gunshot wounds but were not listed in life-threatening condition.

But the most bizarre crime of the week goes to the octogenarian who chase a customer out of his business in Chinatown…with a bamboo stick. That got it’s own story, over here

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