Blogs Offer Rosier Tech Coverage than Newspapers and TV, Study Finds

Would Master Control have gotten a nice blog review?

There's an interesting study out today from the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press on portrayals of the tech industry, both in conventional “mainstream media” outlets and “new media” sources such as blogs and Twitter. The study's focus is the dichotomy within MSM tech coverage between optimistic stories about the benefits new technologies bring us and negative stories about the same innovations' dangers. (The biggest MSM tech story of the year, for example, was about the perils of texting while driving.)

Perhaps the more interesting findings in the Pew report — at least for those of us who consume news from both mainstream outlets such as newspapers or TV and the countless tech-industry blogs that have sprung up over the past few years — has to do with the difference in coverage of tech by new and old media. Blogs and Twitter posts on the tech industry, according to the study, tend to be devoted to excited reviews of new devices and companies. And, unlike the MSM, this cheerleading isn't leavened with critical assessments of technologies' drawbacks.

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