Boss Accused of Abusing Employee — Literally — Over Termination Letter

I prefer a dumb boss to a mean one

Now this is what you call an abusive manager.

Police say a man was arrested earlier this week on suspicion of hitting one of his employees in the face after he fired her.  According to police reports, the man asked his employee to meet him at a coffee shop on Tuesday afternoon. When she showed up, he informed her that he was firing her.

He then asked her to sign some paperwork acknowledging the termination. He told her he also wanted to get some things from her house that belonged to his company. The woman went to her house on the 400 block of Madrid Street and gathered his property. Her now former boss showed up with a witness to collect everything.

According to police, the woman then handed her former boss a letter of her own regarding her termination, which she asked him to sign. The man got angry, refused to sign, then punched the woman, causing her head to hit the wall.

Perhaps he just didn't like being bossed around.

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