Boxing Bootcamp Day 14 — Freedom Overdose Edition

Gosh, do I love America! But in all the revelry, I perhaps enjoyed a bit too much freedom last night and got, as we like to call it in the boxing world, “real drunk” on a bottle of cheap wine while yukking it up on the ocean shore with some other patriotic Americans like myself. Also pulled muscle in my calf somehow — perhaps while giddily chasing a seagull into the ocean like a very happy person with Downs Syndrome — but didn't notice that until 8am this morning, when I woke up and realized I had slept through bootcamp. Fuck. My first missed day. Called Simon when I arrived in the office, kinda worried that he'd threaten to eviscerate me, but he said, instead, “bring your Bermuda shorts tomorrow” — a not-too-subtle way of telling me I'll be swimming with the fishes in the Bay. Or at least communing with them. Again: fuck. Double fuck. And so on.

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