Boxing Bootcamp: Day 4

There's only one shower at 3rd Street Gym, so after 7:30, when we're done with the day's workout, there's generally some wait-to-use-the-shower time when the 4- or-5 of us who need to wash up before work hang out and gab or stretch or completely ignore each other. Yesterday, I chose a combination of the three, initially ignoring everyone, and then stretching while gabbing with a student from Trinity College in Dublin. That guy, who we'll creatively call “Dublin,” came to San Francisco for the summer to study (something at SFSU, but I'm not sure). He talked rather matter-of-factly about why he's focusing on boxing and academics instead of going out and getting hammered every night, as students tend to do when they're studying abroad. But we were both drawn away from our polite conversation when Ed Gutierrez stepped into the ring behind us and started sparring one of our classmates.

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