Boxing Bootcamp: Day 5

Bone Thugs and Harmony — and specifically whichever album has “1st of tha Month” on it — has become something of a Pavlovian trigger for me. See, there's a limited music selection at 3rd Street Gym, so Simon (or whoever runs the sound system) ends up repeating the same albums every couple days while we run in place, shadowbox, do squat thrusts, push ups or whatever else. For some reason — and this might only be my imagination playing dirty tricks on me — every time we do sit ups, specifically, I hear “1st of tha Month” playing in the background. So now, every time I hear that song (which used to be limited to “a couple times in 10th grade” but this week seems more like “every moment that I'm awake”), I want to do sit ups. Just thinking about that song — or cashing welfare checks — makes me want to do sit ups. I think I'm losing my mind. Anyway.

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