Boxing Bootcamp Day Whatever — The French, The Homeless, The Reality Check

So yesterday I passive-aggressively berated the two “blatantly French” (yes, I'm quoting myself writing like an idiot) guys in our class for having too much fun and being too silly while the rest of us try to get our beef sweat on. I mentioned also that I tried to see what their deal was after class, but they left before I could catch them. Today, I caught them. Or, rather, I caught the one who speaks English. We'll call him Eric (because that's his name). Without knowing me, after a brief, light-hearted introduction by Simon, he invited me to the restaurant he runs for a “bootcamp discount” and some wine. Then we chatted a bit. Why is his friend so averse to exertion? Because, not too long ago, he was involved in a serious automobile accident, during which his spine was basically snapped at the neck; he was paralyzed for more than two years. Eventually, through therapy, he was able to walk again. Now, he's visiting Eric in San Francisco. The two have known each other as long as they can remember, and they decided to try boxing, now, so they could feel strong again, like they did when they were boys. Hence the silliness.

Boxing quote of the day, from Eric: “Some people, they are not afraid to be hurt, but they fear the shame. Me? I do not fear shame.”

So who feels like a big, gaping, smelly asshole? This guy — me.

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