Budweiser, Corona Sued in San Francisco

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This suit's for you

Friday is a good day for beer and, today, it's a great one for lawsuits regarding beer.

Attorney Joe Alioto tells SF Weekly that, this afternoon, he'll make a federal case out of a proposed multi-billion dollar deal to merge two of the world's yellowest beers, Budweiser and Corona.

At issue is a controversial $20.1 billion offer from Belgian-owned Anheuser-Busch InBev to purchase Mexican beer giant Grupo Modelo, which produces Corona. That proposal spurred a January lawsuit from the Department of Justice — but the beer barons are tinkering with the deal in order to win the feds' approval. Alioto, however, says there can be only one solution: “The government simply says you don't get to buy Modelo, period. Go back to Brussels.”

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