Buses Temporarily Replace N-Judah Trains Starting This Week

Other routes will experience service gaps, the SFMTA warns.

An N-Judah train waits outside the Duboce Portal in 2016. (Photo by Nuala Sawyer)

For roughly two weeks starting Saturday, Muni riders headed west on the N-Judah will do so via shuttle buses while other routes will experience service gaps.

The SFMTA is suspending N-Judah train service from Carl and Cole streets to Ocean Beach, E-Embarcadero, and 83X Mid-Market Express lines to make way for construction crews working on the Inner Sunset Streetscape Improvement Project. Changes include curb extensions for Muni and pedestrians, road repaving, traffic signal upgrades, and other safety features.

But construction, which began in 2017, needs N-Judah to stop running for about two weeks to continue. Once the trains reach Carl Street and Hillway Avenue starting April 13, outbound riders will have to hop off and board a bus. The new route heads down Frederick Street to Lincoln Way before turning onto Judah Street and 7th Avenue to return to regular N-Judah stops.

Muni recommends planning for extra travel time especially headed downtown or taking other routes like the NX Judah Express, 7-Haight/Noriega and 7X Noriega Express. Passengers can also hop on the 43-Masonic or 44-O’Shaughnessy to the Forest Hill station to get downtown. 

Those headed to UCSF may take the 6-Haight/Parnassus or 43-Masonic. The stop at Hillway is not accessible for riders that need level boarding.

Riders who still remember what’s dubbed the summer Muni meltdown will be right to suspect other routes to suffer. While it may not be as drastic as last summer — when the SFMTA diverted buses from other lines to provide shuttle service amid the Twin Peaks Tunnel construction closure — the construction impacts go beyond Sunset passengers.

A Muni operator shortage means that they may be rerouted from Chestnut Street, Geary Boulevard and Mission Street corridors may experience service gaps and crowding during those two weeks, the SFMTA warns

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