Calling All Pygmy Goat Lovers

A lonely but friendly pygmy goat is up for adoption in San Mateo County.

Dottie, the friendly pygmy goat (Photo courtesy of Peninsula Humane Society and SPCA)

The Peninsula Humane Society and SPCA is calling on goat owners to take one more in — one who is lonely and needs goat friends.

Since someone dropped off a pygmy goat — now named Dottie — after hours on Nov. 13 without filling in any paperwork, all PHS knows is that she is an adult female. Given her very friendly behavior and love of being petted, spokesperson Buffy Martin Tarbox says she likely was someone’s pet before being surrendered.

Because goats are herd animals, Dottie appears quite lonely without any goat friends, Tarbox says. A home with even just one goat — and enough outdoor space with secure fencing — would make a difference.

“It’s kind of sad to even say, but she’s actually depressed,” Tarbox says. “She wants a goat family to belong to.”

Peninsula Humane Society and SPCA

Besides being adorable, benefits to owning a grass-nibbling goat with the right home conditions is they can serve as “organic lawn maintenance,” Tarbox says.  Pygmy goats are known for their friendliness and at a smaller size — usually 16 to 23 inches tall.

To learn more or adopt Dottie, call 650-350-7022. Her adoption fee is $25.

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