Cement Contractors Baffled By Muni's Delays on N-Judah Line Fix

Among San Francisco neighborhoods, the Outer Sunset is high on the list of places you could conceivably land a spaceship with no one noticing. And yet denizens of the area certainly noticed that Muni's weekend repairs to the N-Judah rails were not confined to the weekend — hence they were riding a bus to work today.

Muni's official explanation for the delay is that “the concrete being used in the project is not hardening as quickly as designed.” At the moment, neither Muni nor contractor Shimmick have a working rationale as to why the cement did not dry at Sunset and Judah but did dry at 19th and Judah. It's a beguiling situation, and several cement contractors contacted by SF Weekly were at a loss to explain the delay — without using lots of profanity.

“They fucked up!” said one contractor of the weekend job. “The weather was ideal all weekend. It should have set.” 

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