Central Subway Denounced by Former Supporter, Aaron Peskin

At least it will be new

Aaron Peskin, chair of the local Democratic Party and former supervisor, has condemned the $1.6 billion Central Subway light rail project that once counted on him as a vociferous champion.

“It's the most expensive project with the least ridership in the country,” Peskin told us Tuesday, saying he's withdrawn his support because of cost overruns and evidence that it will be slower than the buses it's supposed to replace.

Peskin joins a growing chorus calling the project a study in inefficiency. Peskin's statement comes on the heels of similar complaints from former Central Subway backer Jake McGoldrick, a scathing July report from the San Francisco Grand Jury, and a recent Wall Street Journal editorial saying “the subway is a case study in government incompetence and wasted taxpayer money.”

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