Chihuahua Dies in Horrific Auto Burglary

S.F. has reached a breaking point with car burglaries, and this little puppers is the latest victim.

Dunky the chihuahua (Courtesy Image)

Little Dunky was a four-year-old black and tan chihuahua mix, with big eyes and white feet. On Saturday, he was also the victim of a horrendous crime that started with an auto burglary and ended with seven criminal charges. 

The San Francisco Police Department reports that officers were called to the 400 block of Stockton Street in Lower Nob Hill shortly after 2 p.m. on Feb. 10, after they received a call about a car break-in and a deceased dog. The story was, frankly, horrifying.

A man returning to his vehicle, parked on the seventh floor of a garage, found a person standing on the corner of Sutter and Stockton streets near the body of his beloved dog, Dunky. 

When he went to his car to investigate, Dunky’s owner found broken glass and blood throughout the vehicle, and evidence that someone had rummaged through his glove compartment. A trail of blood led from the car to a ledge of the garage, presumably where Dunky had been thrown to the street below.

Thanks to dash camera footage, however, SFPD recognized the suspect and set off to find him, while Animal Care and Control came to collect Dunky’s body. 

The next day, officers were successful. A Central Station sergeant spotted the suspect near Polk and Bush streets and made an arrest. He’s been identified as Wakeen Best, a 35-year-old San Francisco resident, and has been booked in jail on felony charges of burglary, animal cruelty, grand theft, possession of stolen property, carrying a concealed weapon, vandalism, and a probation violation. He was also booked on misdemeanor charges of possessing burglary tools, drug paraphernalia, and violating a court order.

The sad situation comes at a time when the city has reached a breaking point with auto burglaries. Despite efforts, car break-ins jumped 26 percent in 2017. Extra foot beat officers have been deployed to try to deter thieves, but the situation has become dangerous even for police

This weekend, a car chase involving auto burglary suspects began in Santa Clara and ended in Western Addition, with speeds reaching up to 100 miles per hour at times. 

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