Chron's No. 2: Out

We've just confirmed that Narda Zacchino, the Chronicle's deputy editor, is leaving the paper. We don't know the exact reasons for her exit yet; we'll provide more details as we get them.

Zacchino's departure leaves John Diaz, the editorial page editor, as the only exec editor underneath editor-in-chief, Phil Bronstein, on the masthead. Last month, managing editor Robert Rosenthal resigned before the expected 100 layoffs began at the financially struggling Hearst paper. At the time, Rosenthal sent out a memo saying he wasn't forced out: “The management structure will be flattened and my departure will clear the way for Phil to restructure the newsroom and allow him to have a more hands-on approach.”

Rosey wasn't kidding. With Zacchino out, this is really Bronstein's baby now. (Should we should expect more above-the-fold stories on TV shows and why San Franciscans love dogs?) Maybe the paper should change its name. How 'bout The Bronsteinicle? Or maybe The Philistine. — Will Harper

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