City attorney says the documents Jew turned over don't prove he lives in District 4

From Matt Dorsey to the desk of Will Harper :

I apologize if you are either (a) receiving this a second time or (b) getting this slightly later than others, but technical uncertainties are causing me to doubt whether this correspondence was properly distributed to everyone on the office's press list.

In any event, please find attached a copy (PDF) of a letter sent from the City Attorney's Office to the attorney for Sup. Ed Jew, which we are releasing in response to a number of requests for documents and correspondence related to this office's investigation into issues involving the supervisor's residency. As I mentioned in my statement of June 7, this office will not be providing copies of documents that the supervisor has submitted, which are exempt from disclosure under California Government Code section 6254(f) and San Francisco Charter section 6.102. The attached correspondence, however, is subject to public disclosure.

Please know that I must allow the attached document (PDF) to speak for itself, and will not be providing ancillary commentary on today's correspondence. Thanks!



Press Secretary

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