City Tentatively Settles Lawsuit with Local Party Promoter Arash Ghanadan

Call for Backup

Last year, SF Weekly told readers about Arash Ghanadan, a local party promoter who sued undercover Officer Larry Bertrand for what he claims was an unlawful arrest. The city has potentially reached a settlement with Ghanadan, yet lawyers would not disclose the terms of the agreement until it is approved by the Board of Supervisors in the next few months.

Bertrand had become the center of debate after the media shed light on criticisms over his heavy-handed patrolling of San Francisco nightlife. However, Ghanadan's strange and acrimonious relationship with Bertrand started last year after the undercover officer arrested him at a SOMA nightclub during a party he was promoting.

Ghanadan says that Bertrand handcuffed him as he was walking back inside the club. He then says Bertrand kicked him and swore at him. Ghanadan was let go with only citations, but he later filed a complaint with the Office of Citizen Complaints.

The OCC, which investigates officer conduct, determined that Bertrand had acted appropriately. As for the use of force allegation, the OCC decided there wasn't enough evidence to prove Bertrand was in the wrong.

A month after that, Ghanadan ran into Bertrand as the officer busted another party — but this time Ghanadan was a guest, not the promoter. 

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