Contorted Justice

When we last heard from longtime erotic performer Jade-Blue Eclipse (“A Twisted Tale,” Jan. 24), she'd eluded the federal agents who busted her for passport fraud and — we think — set off on a spiritual journey to the Amazon.

But Special Agent Jeffrey Dubsick with the U.S. Department of State's Diplomatic Security Service is not about to give up the chase, and it seems he's been e-mailing the nimble contortionist to let her know he's still determined to get his girl.

“You ran to the media because you needed the love of millions. Jade, I just need the love of one,” reads a March 27 e-mail that seems to have been sent from Dubsick's government account, which Jade forwarded to SF Weekly.

The e-mail appears to have been sent from Dubsick's Department of State e-mail account during the workday — so don't go complaining that our tax dollars aren't being used to nab enough fugitive contortionists.

When we asked Dubsick about e-mails forwarded to us by Jade, he didn't deny sending them to her. Instead, he laughed and said, “no comment.”

Is this normal and healthy investigative activity for a federal agent? Maybe so.

Former FBI agent Rick Smith said agents often work to establish dialogue with fugitives, and it's not a problem just so long as the notes aren't “ethically and morally inappropriate.” To be fair, not all the e-mails are as weird as the “love of one” missive. In another e-mail, Dubsick clarifies, “I seek love from peace. She is my one. You seek love from millions, and from strangers.” And there's the e-mail in which he tells Jade, “Thanks for the chess game, but remember you lost. You were captured once, and you will be again.” He concluded sagaciously in that e-mail, “Remember, even Jade sheds tears.”

As for Jade, she called the e-mails “beyond and above” the call of duty. Her e-mail responses have ranged from confused to frustrated, to remorseful that she and Dubsick have gotten off on the wrong foot. “I wish we could have met under different circumstances!! I don't mean that sexually,” she wrote in a March 27 reply e-mail. “I understand lots of men in S.F. are gay … not to say your [sic] gay.”

Anyhow, agent Dubsick, if you do sort out your feelings for Jade, please drop SF Weekly a line. Or better yet, just send us an e-mail.

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