Cool Interactive Map Shows What SF Looked Like Through the Decades

A new interactive map lets you explore San Francisco before all the geometric glass condos and generic office towers came to town.

Business Insider reports that OldSF is the brainchild of Dan Vanderkam and Raven Keller, two developers who ingeniously geocoded pictures from the San Francisco Historical Photograph Collection to create an interactive map of the city dating back to 1850.

[jump] A slider lets you define your search between 1850 and 2000, so you get a striking, decade-by-decade tour of the city's evolving architecture and street life. There was much more neon back in the day, and downtown at night radiated a kind of noirish glamour.

Indeed, some of the most compelling photos are from a series called “dim out” on Market Street in 1943. Lampposts and headlights burn with fuzzy halos, lending the streets a mysterious otherness

Take a tour of old San Francisco here.

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