Cops Endorse the Death Penalty - June 22, 2016 - SF Weekly
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Cops Endorse the Death Penalty

Police don't want to kill anybody. Cops will tell you this. Fatally shooting somebody takes the officer off the street, away from his or her usual job, and into a ream of paperwork and lengthy interviews. Simply put, it's too much of a pain in the ass.

That doesn't mean cops aren't in favor of having someone else kill somebody. In fact, the San Francisco Police Officers Association, the city's police union, is all about it. The POA is endorsing the Death Penalty Reform & Savings Act, a ballot initiative that would accelerate the execution process for the almost 750 condemned inmates on California's Death Row, and would set a timeline of no more than five years from death sentence to execution for future recipients of capital punishment.

The POA did not comment to SF Weekly. But the union endorsed the speedier death measure earlier this year, and in a recent article in the union's newspaper, the POA Journal, former police Captain Paul Chignell called it a “dynamic and positive change.” (He also decried the “intellectual elite” in the media that “police officers face… on a daily basis,” so here we are.)

Not that it matters much anyway. There hasn't been a death penalty handed down in San Francisco since 1991 — and with current District Attorney George Gascón an ardent opponent of capital punishment, it's unlikely to change. But it's good to know whose lives matter.