DA Candidates Not Playing Well With Others

David Onek

David Onek's ballot designation challenged by two fellow DA candidates

Is the world growing more like a reality gameshow or are reality gameshows merely reflecting the state of the world today? The answer, of course, is yes.

Ranked-choice voting, for whatever benefits it delivers, also enables candidates to form alliances not unlike those on, say Survivor. So, following District Attorney George Gascón's hasty decision not to investigate his associates Rose Pak and Willie Brown's alleged ethical compromises in the Run, Ed, Run saga, the DA's political opponents banded together to denounce his action. This had all the makings of an Anybody-But-George alliance. But reality TV teaches us that alliances can be tricky.

While candidate Sharmin Bock was happy to join with David Onek to denounce Gascón's purported favoritism, she was setting her sights on Onek as well. Bock's lawyers on Monday wrote the department of elections to complain that Onek's ballot designation — “criminal justice attorney” — is “profoundly misleading.” Tag-teaming with Bock, Gascón's attorney made similar complaints.

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