District Attorney Throws Out 57 Cases After Henry Hotel Scandal, Cops Pissed

No new system of community courts after all?

So it looks like, in the annals of San Francisco law enforcement history, the Henry Hotel scandal will not rank anywhere near the Debbie Madden catastrophe in terms of the number of cases the district attorney had to throw out like spoiled goods.

District Attorney George Gascón announced at a press conference Wednesday that he will dismiss 57 cases thanks to the officers who are caught up in allegations of misconduct in a raid of several rooms at the residential hotel along a seedy stretch of Sixth Street.

Fifteen of those cases have already been dismissed, and the rest will be dropped today.

Last week, Public Defender Jeff Adachi released video footage of the raid; Adachi accused the eight officers of then falsifying information on police reports after conducting warrantless searches without consent of apartment dwellers. He dubbed the scandal “Police, Lies, and Videotape.”

Suffice to say, SFPD is slightly pissed about the whole thing.

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