Do Chris Daly's Potential Successors Want His Endorsement?

Will District 6 voters still care what Chris Daly thinks?

Supervisor Chris Daly is a man toward whom few people in this city have an indifferent attitude. Despite the cursing, buying homes in Solano County, and abrasive behavior, he's still revered as the people's champion by plenty of folks in District 6 (and not without reason). Conversely, there are those who would cease bathing if Daly made a position statement in favor of water.

So with multiple viable progressive candidates vying to grab the reins from Daly come January 2011, one has to wonder: Does Daly's political endorsement help more than it hurts? Well, we asked both Debra Walker and Jane Kim if they desired Daly's blessing. Neither said no. But, then, neither said yes, either.

“Chris has made it really clear that he's going to make an endorsement in this race. We'll see who he decides to endorse,” said Kim. “Chris' endorsement really helps and it can really hurt in District 6. He's aware of that, too.”

 Fair enough — but is Daly's endorsement a good thing for you to have? Kim's answer to that didn't say much. But, then, that says a lot:

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