Don’t Know What to Vote For? The League of Pissed Off Voters Can Help

The group's progressive voter guide is “your secret decoder ring to the Byzantine jumble" of the ballot.

(Courtesy of the League of Pissed Off Voters)

For the last two decades, San Franciscans have arrived at the polls with a little printed guide from the League of Pissed Off Voters, a progressive group that provides a sort of electoral “cheat sheet” to aid activists, agitators, and those who don’t have time to read the city’s gigantic voter information pamphlet.

“We’re a bunch of political geeks in a torrid but troubled love affair with San Francisco,” the group’s website says. “We’re blessed to live in America’s most progressive city, but we’re cursed to live in a city where most of the youth who grow up here can’t afford to live here.”

Thanks to the unusually large ballot this year, the 2016 voting guide is the largest that the league has ever produced.

“This November’s Pissed Off Voter Guide is our 21st consecutive voter guide we’ve published in San Francisco since November 2004,” the group’s spokesperson, Cynthia Pollock, tells SF Weekly. “Because the ballot is so huge, we doubled the size of the guide from 8.5×11 to 11×17 with a triple-fold so you can still put it in your pocket.”

The printed guide does fold up into a fairly small 4.5×5.5-inch booklet. But the online Pissed Off Voter Guide is a monstrously long and detailed read, with essay-length defenses of each of the league’s recommendations.

Billing itself as “your secret decoder ring to the Byzantine jumble of this November’s ballot,” the guide provides recommendations on all state, local, and regional races and initiatives. And there are a lot of them. This year, there are so many San Francisco measures that they go the whole way down the alphabet to “X.”    

Oddly, there is one notable omission from the 2016 Pissed Off Voter Guide, and it’s kind of a doozy. The league did not endorse anyone in the race for president of the United States.

Since the guide makes no presidential endorsement, pissed-off voters are free to vote for Jill Stein, Hillary Clinton, or the really pissed-off guy.

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