Drayzilla Might Be World’s Scariest Movie Idea

Whether it’s porn or a horror flick, let’s all hope Drayzilla never comes to fruition.

Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green and crotches are getting a lot of attention these days. That can be expected when you’re suspended from the NBA Finals for accumulating too many flagrant fouls (two of which involved other players’ manhood) and then months later you’re offered a starring role in an adult film after you Snapchat a picture of your junk.

Vivid Entertainment, the porn company famous for its Kim Kardashian sex tape, thinks Draymond would be perfect for its next project, offering him $100,000 to be in Drayzilla. We’re not sure what exactly the story arc would be, or who would co-star with Draymond, but does that really matter when it comes to porn?

What does matter, at least if you share the court with Draymond, is killing this story fast. It’s doubtful Draymond needs advice on what to do here, but according to this celebrity gossip blog, teammates like Steph Curry are hoping the film never happens.

“Steph and the gang would never try to prevent Draymond from making his money, but doing porn before the 2017 season where the Warriors are the chosen ones to win the NBA finals, it’s not a good look,” a source tells HollywoodLife.com., apparently with a straight face.

It gets better. The source, who’s obviously anonymous and might not even be real, went on to say that while Draymond probably has plenty in the bank because he’s a professional athlete, and a very talented one at that, “if he were really serious about doing that for money, Steph and the team would match that $100K to keep Draymond’s clothes on and keep him focused on basketball.”

Great idea, guys. However, this is likely to follow Draymond around for a while. He’s known as quite the trash-talker, which makes him a target, and his Olympics teammates are already getting in on the action.

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