Drug Boats In The Bay? Cartel Boats Head Further and Further North

Drugs by sea

It's hard for a Northern California-spoiled cannabis connoisseur to conceive of, but there's active and substantial market demand for the kind of pot that wouldn't be considered fit for baking: Mexican brown, stemmy and seedy brick, the kind of weed that gets dumped in the Pacific Ocean.

There's more and more of it — and the boats that are trying to bring this marijuana into what is one of America's most glutted markets for marijuana keep coming. On the two days before Christmas, authorities in San Luis Obispo County recovered an abandoned “panga” boat — high-speed, lightweight craft — that had unloaded more than 3,500 pounds of marijuana onto the beach.

These boats are coming further and further north, U.S. Coast Guard officials warn, with panga landings in Santa Cruz. Could this become a Bay Area occurrence?

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