'Egypt Is Free': San Francisco Vigil Now a Party


Attending demonstrations regarding international affairs hastily tossed together for a San Francisco crowd is something locals could do every day of the week and twice on Sunday (oh yes, literally). Attending jubilant celebrations following the liberation of a country from a dictator's 30-year regime — well, you don't see that every day.

At 5 p.m. tonight in U.N. Plaza, an “emergency protest” regarding the situation in Egypt will now likely be a dance party. “I imagine the mood will be different than originally intended,” said co-organizer Mohammad Talat with a laugh. Same goes for tomorrow's “solidarity vigil” at the same location.

“Today is going to be partying everywhere,” adds Tarek Elkhoraibi, a local Egyptian engineer with at least one San Francisco liberation party on his dance card tonight. “People just want to cry out loud. People are so happy, it is incredible.”

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