Escape From the City

When was the last time you left the 415? Don’t front. Was it went you went on an expedition by BART to the colony of lost San Franciscans known as Lake Merritt? Was it when you took a junket to Colma and stocked up at toilet paper at Target? And yes, there was that trip to pick up your roommate at SFO. Sad, sad, sad all around. Getting out of town does more than widen your perspective – escaping this bubble-in-a-bubble from time to time is necessary to save your very soul. And leaving just when the tourists descend on us – repaying the favor by asserting our freakdom on their precious normalcy – keeps the universe in balance. Enjoy our handy guide of our favorite things to do when summer arrives.

Four Road Trips to Unexpected Places

Fifteen Books for Summer Reading

Five Summer Camps for Grown-Ups

Mellow My Mind: Chill Music Festivals

The Art of Heckling

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