Fare after the Fair — Dinner at Bo’s Barbecue & Catering Restaurant

The Lumpia Cart guys got the nod.

(Photo by Em C. via yelp.com)

When a tour of the dining options at the Alameda County Fair failed to inflame the taste buds of my mind’s eye, I realized that our route home took us past Lafayette, home to Bo’s Barbecue, which I hadn’t visited for at least a couple of years. We were gratified to find a parking space right in front of the place, but, just to prove that nothing in life is ever easy, a sign greeted us at the cash register: “As of July 2nd [i.e., that very day], Bo’s will no longer accept credit or debit cards.” Since the Fair had relieved me of almost every cent of the $120 in cash I had thought was more than ample for a 5-year-old and his aunt, we jumped back in the car and drove to the nearest Wells Fargo ATM, returning to purchase a two-meat combination (pork ribs and brisket) to go.

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