Flying With the Big Boys: SFO Cracks Top-10 of Nation's Busiest Airports

We're No. 1 … or

While 2008 was generally as entertaining a year for airport proprietors as airline dinners are for airport customers, San Francisco International impressed, registering 4.5 percent growth in passenger traffic.That spurt was enough for SFO to leapfrog flagging Orlando for the No. 10 spot among the nation's busiest airports. 

According to data released by individual airports and culled by the airline news Web site Anna.Aero,  only seven of the 20 busiest U.S. airports increased their passenger traffic last year:Atlanta, Denver, New York (JFK), Miami, Seattle, Charlotte, and SFO. The Web site, hilariously, illustrated this story with photos of dancing Virgin Airlines girls and Mayor Gavin Newsom posing proudly with tank-top wearing men and women — including a six-foot blonde.  

Perhaps that explains the uptick in airport traffic, too.

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