Has Gavin Newsom Outfoxed Supes in Appointments Battle?

Looks like Gavin had his thinking cap on…

Getting someone appointed to a city commission these days is a contact sport. Mayor Gavin Newsom dragged his feet filling gaping vacancies on the appointed boards that, ostensibly, run a big chunk of this city — then progressive supervisors made some of those appointments all but recite the alphabet backwards while walking a straight line before waving them through.

This morning, however, Newsom may have found a clever — but backhanded — way to kick sand in the supes' faces. He's swearing in a mother lode of commission appointments. And, with the Board of Supervisors on recess for virtually the entire next month, a number of them will be legally confirmed before the supes have a chance to make an official peep about it. Here's how that works:

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