Hayward Fault Ready to Rock the East Bay, Nerds Warn Today at Moscone

About 10,000 leading geologists and geophysicists are swarming around SF this week for the American Geophysicists Union — which means, [dingsingdingding!] new prognostications on our impending tectonic apocalypse — or tectocalypse! From the USGS site today:

As the 140th Anniversary of the last big earthquake on the Hayward Fault approaches, new U.S. Geological Survey studies provide mounting evidence that the Bay Area should get ready for another big quake soon. The Hayward Fault has ruptured about every 140 years for its previous five large earthquakes. October 21, 2008, marks the 140th Anniversary of the 1868 approximate Magnitude 7 earthquake. Two and half million people now live along the Hayward Fault and seven million people in the region would feel a repeat event of the same magnitude.

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