Here Is the Reality: Media Experts Say 'Bait Car' TV Show Is Not Real Journalism

The Reality of Reality TV

On truTV's 'Bait Car' Monday night, the San Francisco police busted alleged car thieves on camera: a 15-year-old kid who had never driven before, a homeless man who rifled around for loose change in the glove department, and a man who told the cops that he was already on felony probation for stealing a car.

In today's cover story, we wrote about the SFPD's first major foray into reality TV. With former Police Chief George Gascon's permission, the police teamed up with Hollywood-based KKI Productions to conduct a live car theft sting on camera. KKI paid the SFPD more than $200,000 in overtime and donated the two specially equipped bait cars to the department after the show.
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