Hideous High-Heeled Sneakers Spotted in SOMA


San Francisco isn't the best-dressed city in America — or anywhere else. But we do have certain standards and rules that we thought could go unspoken. Now we are going to explicitly state one of those rules, because apparently some lady in SOMA didn't get the memo.

No high-heeled sneakers.

This is not optional, people. Also, if's for your own good. People in high-heeled sneakers are putting themselves at risk for mental and physical abuse. We're not sure if this is true, but we also heard that they are far more likely to get cancer.

We're not even sure that you should see the following photo. It's highly disturbing, but we've decided that in order to ensure others don't make the same mistake, we've decided to publish it. Below, you will see the lower half of a woman who was walking around in SOMA, wearing high-heeled sneakers. Please sit down to view this photo, and cover the eyes of small children. 

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