Jane Kim Didn't Give Me No Goddamn Respect, Grouses Union Boss

The Axis of No Respect

Rodney Dangerfield spun an entire career out of bemoaning the shabby treatment he received at the hands of others. It's unclear if dynastic plumber's union boss Larry Mazzola Jr. is hoping to traverse that rather narrow career path. But he's off to an excellent start.

In a terse letter penned to Supervisor Jane Kim earlier this summer, Mazzola — like his father and grandfather, the head of the Plumbers' Local No. 38 — manages to max out the Indignant-O-Meter. In four brief paragraphs, he packs in more indignation than experts say any reader should be exposed to in 10 or 15 angry letters. Proceed at your own risk.

The letter follows. For maximum effect, imagine, Joe Mantegna reading it:

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