Jeff Adachi Already Crafting 'New Prop. B'

Such a headache…

Labor leaders and government officials talking about the need for “pension reform” has become as fashionable in San Francisco as toting around a yoga mat. But while the folks ostentatiously carrying around the yoga accouterments are, ostensibly, doing some yoga, the city has yet to do a lick of actual pension reforming.

The good people who got together to kill Proposition B recently got together again — to talk about instituting pension and health care reforms that'd make Prop. B look like a child's experiment. The assembled movers and shakers aren't letting Prop. B author Jeff Adachi take part in their reindeer games. But he's not waiting to see if they manage to pull off the legislative equivalent of blowing up the Death Star (San Francisco spent $993 million this year on workers' benefits — you could probably build a Death Star and a shield generator on Endor for that).

Rather, Adachi tells SF Weekly that he's already assembled a “group of pension experts and attorneys” and is crafting “the new Prop. B.”

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