Jesus Walks Among Us but Does He Check Craigslist?

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence held the 29th Annual Hunky Jesus Contest in Dolores Park on Sunday. The finalists included two puns, The Doublecross Jesus (two saviors strung up on two conjoined hot pink crosses) and the Hunky Cheese-us, a high concept trio of cheese themed lords. The winner, though, is pictured above in all his barely concealed glory: Michelangelo Jesus. You can't go wrong with the classics. Jesus' presence was felt all over the Bay Area this weekend, and at least two locals are calling out for him on Clist:

roller blading hula hooping jesus… – w4m – 25 (richmond / seacliff)hey you! Sorry I didn't say bye to you at the bunny meadow pisces party. really sorry actually.I was kickin' it with the green bunny and we chatted while you sat in a pile of hula hoops. I asked if you were wearing a picture of your mother…This isn't really my MO, but I can't stop thinking about your beautiful eyes and handsome face. I want to get lost in your eyes! You seemed like such a sweetheart and I wish I had said bye.So I'm throwing this into the universe! Find me! -xoxo,Emily

And then there's this lonely Berkeley cowgirl:

jesus man at gordo last night – w4m – 23 (berkeley)

You were handsome and sitting across from me. Between us was my friend, talking very loudly about religion and luna bars. I guess we were both talking loudly. I had on a red vest and cowboy boots. Gosh you had nice eyes. Never posted one of these before, but what the hay.

Apparently Jesus has some pretty compelling peepers. Will you forsake your children, Jesus? (photo from edwardoneill's flickr)-Andy Wright

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