Joanna Rees Gives a Large Chunk of Money to Democratic Party for No Good Reason

The best way to support the Democratic Party is to JOIN the party

In the San Francisco mayor's race Joanna Rees has played the part of the unknown, nonpolitical candidate who has confounded people by claiming to be a “progressive independent” — whatever that means.

But now it seems the apolitical Rees just might be playing a little politics, albeit not well. We were intrigued by the fact that Reese, who is registered as “declined to state,” kicked in a $2,500 contribution to the San Francisco Democratic Party. It's notable because she isn't a Dem, nor does she have any plans to join the party. Specifically, her donation bought her a 10-person table at the Democratic Unity luncheon on Monday.

In contrast, her opponents — who are registered Democrats — contributed much smaller amounts of $250 and $750.

So what will this unusually generous donation get Rees?

Not an endorsement.

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